Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunday, Jan 18, 2009

This weekend flew by as usual with play dates for the kids, church and today a visit with my family at my sisters. This was the gathering that was supposed to take place as our Christmas, but because of sick kids, in all the families, and ice storms was put off for a month. We wondered if we'd make it today with the sub zero temps and little Taters having Croup, but "WE DID IT!". I think the next get together with all of us will be set for a warmer time. We all ate too much, especially desert, the kids were wild and tried breaking in (or down) their Aunt and Uncle's house. It was really fun to watch them all play together. We don't have the chance to get together often all at once, but they all hugged, loved, shoved, grabbed from, and played as if we see them every weekend. It was noisy, but a joyful noise. Trucks vroomed, and screeched, (and "bammed" walls, sorry E) guitars played and I think the race track path was well worn in, maybe even some Tonka land speed records were broken. Over all a good day.
Now we prepare for a short week back to school since we're observing MLK Jr. Day. According to Ticklebug since it's called a "holiday" there Must be some sort of family celebration involved. She asked tonight at bedtime what we"ll do to celebrate the "Holiday" tomorrow. I'll have to think about that one...?
Also time to get back at the workout...Someone the other day said "Only 10 weeks till spring break" SHHHHHHHH...I'm still enjoying the holiday treats! On that note though a friend shared a quote with me...
"Self discipline is not a battle against self,
it is a battle to strengthen self".
Very good! Let the battle begin...and continue!


Friday, January 9, 2009

New Year New Blog...

Hello all! I have recently become a blog-a-holic...My first confession of the new year. (whew...glad that's over) Last year I didn't even know what "blogging" was, and for those of you who know me, probably thought I never would...But I have been inspire to start one by "My Friend Beth" :-) She has been such an inspiration to all who know her and a great number who don't. Her blog has been such blessing.
My hope for our family blog is that I can share some of the moments with those we love. Those moments that seem to get lost in the daily CRAZE that is life. Last year went all to fast and I know there were noteworthy moments that because they were more than 10 minutes ago I can't remember exactly how special they were.
Thank you Beth for inspiring me to share those moments and share with those I love, a better and "real" glimps of our days. (Also, maybe I'll finally learn how to upload photos!) (Don't hold your breath!)
Love you all! Jen and family